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The vue-video module is a HTML5 video player component for Vue.js.
To use the HTML5 video player, the visitor needs one of these web browsers:

  • Chrome 4.0
  • IE 9.0
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 4.0
  • Opera 10.5

The file formats supported are MP4 (all), WebM (some) and Ogg (some).


The git repository is https://github.com/hilongjw/vue-video

You can install it with npm

npm i vue-video --save

vue video


To use the player import the module and set a link to the video.

import myVideo from 'vue-video'
export default {
data () {
return {
video: {
sources: [{
src: 'http://covteam.u.qiniudn.com/oceans.mp4',
type: 'video/mp4'
options: {
autoplay: true,
volume: 0.6,
poster: 'http://covteam.u.qiniudn.com/poster.png'
components: {

Then your template:

<div id="app">
<div class="container">
<my-video :sources="video.sources" :options="video.options"></my-video>

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