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Clipboard plugin

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Clipboard plugin for vue.js. This plugin lets you use the clipboard from vue.js
No dependencies, less than 2kb minified.


You need npm to install this.

npm install --save v-clipboard

In your app:

import Vue       from 'vue'
import Clipboard from 'v-clipboard'


There are 2 ways of using this plugin:

Using v-clipboard="mymodel" directive.
When an element that contains v-clipboard directive is clicked, the value of mymodel will be copied into clipboard.
Using this.$clipboard(value) function.


Option 1: Using template only.

<input v-model="foo">

<button v-clipboard="foo">
Copy to clipboard

Option 2: Using javascript call.

<button @click="copy">
Copy to clipboard
methods: {
copy () {


<button v-clipboard="foo"
@copy="clipboardSuccessHandler" // Success event handler
@copy-error="clipboardErrorHandler"> // Error event handler
Copy to clipboard


This is compatible with most browsers except Opera Mini and Android 56.


Github: https://github.com/euvl/v-clipboad

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